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i made a new friend August 31, 2008

Posted by d.w. in misc.

i was riding my bike home.  i had a fruit something at the roasting company.  and i thought X was 100.  but it’s only 10.  this kid was riding a little faster than me on 8th east in between 2nd and 3rd south.  he must’ve sensed that i was having a terrible time with roman numerals.  so he said, “hey brother, what’s going on?”  and i said, “just riding my bike.”  and he said, “cruising around town.  that’s what i’m doing.  actually i don’t know what i’m doing.”  and then he started riding a little faster.  but we both stopped at the stop sign.  and he said, “is that light up there 100 south?”  and i said, “yep, where you headed?”  and he said, “100 south and 700 east.”  and i said, “just take a left at the light.”  and he said, “i live 2 blocks away but get really confused.”  and i said, “yeah, it can get pretty confusing.”  and he said, “where are you going?”  and i said, “right here.”  and he said, “take it easy.”  and i said, “keep it real.”

then i tried to tell natali that i didn’t believe in free will.  but she was more interested in showing me a picture of a sculpture of jesus that makes her cry.  i was probably meaner than i should’ve been.  like usual.  but i had just lost my new best friend.  we had formed such a close relationship in riding those 1 1/4 blocks.  and now he’s gone.  we probably wouldn’t have been friends in real life.  mostly because i’m mean to all the people that are nice to me.  like stefano.  and brian.  and everyone else.  i pretend like i don’t get moody.  but sometimes i get really irritable and then i use a rude tone when brian is trying to tell me something that’s way more interesting than anything i read or thought all day.  and then i don’t even apologize.

i watched the rafael nadal tennis match.  he’s cool.  he makes me want to wear sleeveless shirts all the time.  actually, gavin does.  gavin’s the one who made me start thinking it’s a great idea.  so thanks gavin.  i cut the sleeves off of like 6 shirts.  but it probably doesn’t even matter.  because summer is over.  if it snows on monday, i’m liable to be very upset with the weather patterns.  i’m liable to blame it on the jet stream.

also, thursday night soccer is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.



1. natali - September 1, 2008

i dont think i said that sculpture made me cry but there is a good chance i was crying.

2. natali - September 2, 2008

crying because you are so mean.

3. Bernard - September 2, 2008

I would suggest that you re-read the chat before posting

4. sarah kate - September 16, 2008

sometimes people think that X is 100. they are wrong. but i think it is probably ok because eventually someone usually tells those people that C is 100, not X. then things can get done. or within one letter of being done.

5. becky - September 23, 2008

someone should let you know that x can be whatever you want it to be

6. Becky - November 3, 2008

i wish you blogged more often

7. Lizzi - July 1, 2009

I think this is the nicest thing I’ve ever read.

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