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it’s a matter of life and death August 29, 2008

Posted by d.w. in misc.

typer shark.  it’s a typing game, but way more exciting than most typing games.  so you’re a deep-sea diver.  and you’re searching for treasure.  and you have an old-fashioned diving suit.  with an oxygen tube that extends up to your boat.  and you’re sinking to the bottom of the ocean to search wreckage for gems.  but there are sharks that are trying to eat you.  and piranhas.  the sharks have words (and sometimes non-words) on them.  the piranhas have single letters (and sometimes non-letters) on them.  you can electrocute sharks by typing the words or murder the piranhas by typing the letters.  it’s tough, because i don’t advocate killing either sharks or piranhas.  but when you’re in a situation where they’re going to devour you, you’re forced to do some things that you’d rather not do.  like murder sea creatures.  anyways, if you can survive and get to the bottom, sometimes you find great gems.  like the mount etna emerald.

so i started on 50 wpm.  and here are my stats:
score: 5093450
level: 20
time: 53:03
wpm: 75
accuracy: 97%
rank: master of typer shark

i’m not usually that good of a typer.  but when i a shark is coming right at you, your adrenaline does things for your typing that you can’t really imagine.



1. Whitney - September 2, 2008

I’ve spent hours playing this game. Thanks for reminding me.

2. becky - September 20, 2008

i don’t think anything has given me as much anxiety as playing this game.

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