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mixtapes!! June 18, 2008

Posted by d.w. in mixtapes.

i have this new thing i’m going to start doing. i’m going to start posting mixtapes that i make. sometimes i make them for people, sometimes i pretend like i make them for people. the fortunate thing is that everyone (like 2 people) who reads this blog will be able to listen to these mixes. you can either listen online, or download them for later listens. the unfortunate thing (maybe it’s not a big deal) is that i’ll be posting them as one long track, so if you’re impatient and want to skip ahead it’ll be tough.

so this first mixtape i’m making for m.i.a. i think i’m in love with her ever since i saw her in concert. i thought i’d write her a letter and tell her, but then i thought she might think i was a creep. so instead, i’m going to co-write a letter with teresa and send her this mixtape. we’re also going to take a polaroid of the two of us and tell her how much we think of her. i haven’t finished the tape yet, but you can listen to side A:
mixtape #1: side A

or you can download it here.

side A:

  • talking heads — i zimbra
  • gui boratto — gate 7
  • stereo total — i love you, yoko
  • brian eno — burning airlines give you so much more
  • wire — french film blurred
  • beach boys — don’t worry baby
  • charles mingus — goodbye pork pie hat
  • rolling stones — no expectations
  • olivia tremor control — california demise, pt. 3
  • deerhoof — spiral golden town
  • dr. octagon — trees
  • jorge ben — taj mahal
  • os mutantes — a minha menina


1. cindy mindy pindy - June 19, 2008

Yes! I downloaded it! Yes! I’m a reader AND a listener!

2. natali - June 20, 2008

once you left a mixed tape in my car. now on my computer.

3. Kate - July 1, 2008

Enjoyed the mix!

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