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charles mingus – the black saint and the sinner lady May 30, 2007

Posted by d.w. in misc.

we’ve started a new blog at killerbuds.wordpress.com. each week one of us will pick an album that we would like to get to know. check it out, it’ll be awesome. here’s my first pick and post:

charles_mingus_std.jpgthe black saint and the sinner lady came out it 1963. at that time, mingus had already released 13 or so albums and was considered a bass prodigy. he was known for his unconventional compositions and his temper. he punched band members in the face on a few occasions and would regularly stop his shows to chastise the audience for being too loud, saying things like, “isaac stern doesn’t have to put up with this sh**.” part of his temper stemmed from his quest for perfection in performance and recording. this is seen in the black saint and the sinner lady, since he used studio overdubs in certain sections. but he was also extremely interested in group improvisation and this group interaction is on public display in this album.
the black saint and the sinner lady is a six-part suite (the 4th cd track has three of the parts) recorded by an eleven-piece band. charles mingus said the following of this album: “I feel no need to explain any further the music herewith other than to say throw all other records of mine away except maybe one other.” he got his psychotherapist to write the liner notes, although i haven’t read them.

listen to it: if you’re a grastard member, i’ve uploaded the album there and you can get it to listen to; or i’ve made a playlist of it on andreaspacemountain.com.



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