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living in a post 9/11 world February 7, 2007

Posted by d.w. in other videos.

my cousin julie called me on the phone a few weeks ago and said i should submit one of my videos to thelot.com.  apparently steven spielberg and some other dude are going to pick the next “great director.”  so why would i want to even enter at all?  because i think it would be funny for someone to be sifting through all these videos and then have to watch this:



1. Cindy - February 7, 2007

Are you kidding? This would knock the socks off of Spielberg. Clear off into another planet. You neglected to mention that the terrorists stole your car stereo.

2. bex - February 7, 2007

i think this will really get steven s. thinking about terrorism. you are doing a great service for your country.

i hope he makes it far enough through the video to see your bedroom hair.

3. whittyb - February 9, 2007

That intro is awesome. I’m glad you dressed up for it. The end is my second favorite part. It reminds me of the Blair Witch Project. Remember the BWP?

We’ll talk about this lates, I have to grade some mo-fucking papers now.

(that was clever, because it could sound like “more” or “mother.” Hurray for me.)

4. senordustin - February 12, 2007

Nice. Probably my favorite video so far. I hope it wakes Spielberg up.

5. Scott - May 20, 2008

Who posted this on YouTube? Did you survive the attacks? Is this a postmortem tribute video? We need info!

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