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get over it October 10, 2006

Posted by d.w. in hate.

i hate people who dislike the new star wars movies on grounds that the new cgi yoda is worse than the puppet yoda. what’s better about the puppet? you think it’s more real? yeah right. puppets are not any more real looking than cgi. especially episode iii cgi. you can tell it’s a puppet just like you can tell that the new yoda is cgi. do you think there’s more integrity in using puppets? why would that be the case? it’s only the case if you think that any technological advancement has no integrity. so you should probably be listening to your cassette tapes and talking to your friends through a tin can. is it because you hate that yoda is younger and nimbler? that’s absurd. remember how awesome it is when yoda fights against count dooku? i cried the first time and i’ve gotten the chills every time since. you don’t get to be a jedi master by sitting around eating that soup. if georgie could’ve made yoda nimbler in the old episodes, he would have for sure. so yoda’s personality (like R2) was determined by the limitations in their movement. the only possible answer is that you’re probably just having an necrophiliac affair with jim henson. that makes sense. you grew up watching the muppets and that storyteller show. you grew up thinking that he was the best in the business (he was), and that no one could ever match him. i got news for you: there are other good puppet makers. but i’ve got other news for you: puppets are from the 20th century and pres. clinton already helped us cross the bridge into the new millenium. the only reason you like old yoda over new yoda is because you’re stuck in the past. you remember how life was before you became a fat loser and you associate puppets with a better life. it’s not your fault entirely. but give me a break when you try to tell me that the old puppet was better than the new cgi. they’re both pretty bad just like yoda is a pretty bad and selfish jedi “master”. here’s what yoda should look like. he’d be like the coolest jedi ever.yoda



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