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disinvited September 27, 2006

Posted by d.w. in hate.

i was at a party near palo alto, california last week. i was practically having the time of my life (i mean pretty much i liked it okay) and then this kid walked in and brought down the vibe of the whole room. talk about a downer. anyways, so i starting hating my life, etc, and all of the sudden, i noticed that he had a two-liter bottle of rootbeer between his feet and a cup of it in his hands. i watched for a second while he refilled and emptied his cup. so i thought, “man, that rootbeer sure looks tasty.” i went to go get some and there wasn’t any. so he hadn’t taken extra rootbeer from the table of snacks and beverages. he had taken the only rootbeer. “what a dick!” i mumbled to myself. paul must’ve overheard me because he asked who was such a dick. i pointed the rootbeer thing out to him and paul went over and kindly asked if he could have some rootbeer. the kid looked at him as if paul were joking, but paul’s it’s-not-even-yours-asshole-so-you-better-give-me-some look convinced him to fill up paul’s cup. we were all laughing and i mentioned (again) how much i hated him and how if i ever threw a party i would disinvite that idiot-face. i would have a list of people not allowed, but instead of a list it would just be a picture of his fat face. then when he showed up at the party with all his ugly friends, the bouncer(s) would say, i’m sorry, you’re on the list of disinvited. and his friends would make fun of him which would be reverse from how he would usually make fun of them for being ugly. but who’s laughing now, jerk? i told that to emily (she was sort of co-hostess of the party). she told me that last time he’d broken a $400 stereo. 2 minutes after she said that, he dropped the portable stereo that he’d been holding when he went to go pour himself some more rootbeer out of not-his bottle and the stereo broke.

let me break it down, since i had all 3 of my math courses today.

broken stereos x 2 + hogging all the rootbeer = stupid, fat, ugly, and disinvited to any party i ever throw.

i don’t throw very many parties. but i’m going to start, because now at least i know who i’ll disinvite.



1. alice - November 3, 2006

that’s awesome. i met you briefly at the party that night. too bad we didn’t get to chat more. anyone who likes Bec, I like, anyone who is mean to her….I REALLY DON’T LIKE!

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