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halloween 2k3 September 22, 2006

Posted by d.w. in hate.

ash ketchumthree years ago for halloween i dressed up as ash ketchem, the pokemon trainer kid. it was the best costume ever. and i worked at the salt lake city library at the time (at the checkout desk) so i thought that all the kids would be so excited to see ash. exactly zero kids noticed my costume and i was starting to get depressed. so 10 minutes before closing these kids came to check books out and i asked them if they knew who i was for halloween. they thought for a second and a little girl guessed right. then they seemed excited and i thought that it wasn’t going to be a bad halloween after all. there was a halloween party at dusty and gavin’s old house that night that i went to.

when i got there dusty asked, “who are you, ashton kutcher?”

i didn’t know who ashton kutcher was at the time, so i figured he was just mispronouncing the name. so i said, “it’s ash ketchum… the pokemon kid.”

then jordan came and asked if i was ashton kutcher and i told him the real name too. but i realized that ashton kutcher must be a real person. so i quietly asked gavin who hewas and he told me. i started to get even sadder than at the library because people thought i was ashton kutcher and not ash ketchum. just because i had on a trucker hat. but pharrell was wearing trucker hats way before stupid ashton kutcher. i hate ashton kuashton idiot-face kutchertcher. so much. he’s so fat and so ugly and so stupid. i hope something bad happens to him or his family. anyways, so i wasn’t excited about people thinking i was ashton kutcher, but i had told pretty much everyone who i really was and i was making good pokemon jokes like, “brian, i choose you… to get me a soda” or “tim, do your shut-up attack.” then 3 new people showed up and were coming down the stairs as i was going up. they said, “hey, great costume. ashton kutcher, right?” so i went straight home and cried myself to sleep.



1. John - August 20, 2008
2. bobby love - October 21, 2011

i love ashs cock around my lips

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