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a kick right in the taco, buster September 4, 2006

Posted by d.w. in hate.

conversation from 2 nights ago in seattle:

setting: taco time on 45th and corliss. it’s made of glass and looks like it came straight out of little mexico…. psyche. the time is 11:00p.

taco time attendant: may i take your order?
me: oh your open. that’s great. i’ll have–
t.t.a.: actually i just put away all the stuff.

yeah, he put it away in the 30 seconds that passed from when the car in front of us ordered and pulled up to the next window to when we pulled up to the ordering box. i’m onto you t.t.a. nice try. next time why don’t i remove my brain so that we can converse as equals?  who does your hair anyways, picasso?

what a dick. not like that dick’s hamburger stand (also in seattle). i just mean that i hate him. don’t ever go to that taco time in seattle. it’ll make you want to never go to a taco time that doesn’t look like a cactus again. or do go. because it’s worth it to know that taco times that are made out of glass probably only hire liars to work there. liars that hate people and love satan.



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