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dinotainment November 10, 2005

Posted by d.w. in dinosaurs.

as evolving human beings, we have a lot to look forward to in our (collective) dinofuture(s). the most obvious are the forms of dinosaur entertainment, called dinotainment. with the smashing success of dinosaur mythbusters, t.v. dino-execs from across the dinoverse starting making all sorts of great dino-shows. the formula that worked the best in the beginning was to modify old 20th and 21st century television programs to serve the dino-community.

here is a partial list of futuristic dinovision (d.v. for short) programs:

dinosaur survivor: send dinosaurs back in time to an island or a desert or a jungle. then let them outwit and out-muscle each other until all of them are dead except one. the one that wins gets a lot of dino-dollars and then gets a job as a dino-anchor on a d.v. news program.

iron dino-chef: a dinosaur is selected to face-off against a random iron dino-chef. a secret ingredient is revealed and they have one dino-hour to make their dino-dishes in their dino-kitchens.

the dinosaur world: 10 dinosaurs are forced to live in the same house. anything’s possible when their everyday lives are filmed.

dinosaur world/roadasaur rules challenge: dinosaurs from different dinosaur worlds compete on a weekly basis and the competition gets gradually narrowed down.

little dinosaur on the prarie: an angel from the future helps a dinosaur family that is settling the dino-west.

melsaur place: see you later, 90210.

saved by the dino-bell: a group of quirky friendosaurs in dino high school handle bizarre circumstances with humor.

dinosaur, dinosaur: two twin dinosaurs are growing up. their lives in dino high school have all sorts of comical situations.

spongebob dinopants: umm.

jurassic park 4: a scientist is kidnapped by terrorists to help alter the dna of dinosaurs to convert them into armored battlesaurs with ninja skills.

clear and present dinosaur: a dinosaur goes undercover to fight terrorism.

walker, texas dinosaur: a dinosaur that knows kung fu writes and performs his own theme song which he listens to in his truck while driving around solving crimes.

dinomerica’s next top modelosaur: tyrosaur banks hand selects 10 dinosaurs to compete in photoshoots and runway maneuvers in order to get a job with covergirl.

24: jackosaurus bauer works for the counter terrosaur unit (c.t.u.) in las dinogeles, california. follow him in real-time as he doesn’t eat or go to the bathroom for an entire day.

dinosaurs: the father of a family of dinosaurs works in a mine. there are two teenagers and a baby dinosaur. the baby doesn’t mind anyone but the mama.the tv show



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