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on the origin of dinosaurs September 29, 2005

Posted by d.w. in dinosaurs.

t-rexi read in a newspaper or something that there are dinosaur bones on the earth, but no dinosaurs to speak of. after no thought and zero deliberation, i have decided that my course of action should include (non)examination of the facts at hand, faulty assumptions, and a thesaurus with the sole purpose of theorizing about the causes of the said discrepancy. having already explained the possibility that they evolved into helicopters, i present an alternate explanation to their apparent non-existence in the modern world.

i think (and you might consider it a stretch, but give it a shot) that dinosaurs are, contrary to popular belief, the highest evolutionary form of being and that in the future — distant, i admit — all creatures, including but not limited to unicorns, people, amoeba, aliens, tigers,gnats, fish sticks, and yellow jackets, will evolve into some form of dinosaur. our humans to dinosaursdino-posterity will be so advanced (technologically, cybernetically, culturally and spiritually) by then that instead of going on vacations to “exotic” islands and/or caves, they will time travel to “exotic” periods of history or futury. maybe an unfortunate group who neglected to do the lead-work (research) time-travelled (untimely, as you’ll soon note) to the exact day that those asteroids collided with earth.



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