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new music! November 5, 2010

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so i finished a new music album, finally.

you can read more about it on killerbuds .net. you can also download it there. or you can download it here.

there’s been tons of other cool new stuff on killerbuds recently:

mz mona mars / zap gun: baby animals .m4a

heavy petting: dark victory .mp3

zap gun: st. joan .m4a

i think it’s love September 18, 2010

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i started watching the young and the restless in may. it was a conscious decision on my part. but i didn’t start watching it to be funny or ironic or anything. i had heard from gavin that it was cool. well, he was right. the young and the restless is easily one of the top 3 shows on television and i would argue that there’s no show that’s even close to as good. first of all, it’s been on for 37 years so there’s a million back-stories, most of them funny. second of all, they have a new episode virtually every weekday of the entire year. roughly like 250 episodes per year get made. so there’s always new stuff to see! third, it’s hilarious. the music is so funny (read: good), the cut-aways, the phone conversations, the text-messaging, etc. it’s all so good. i just watch online since i’m not around a television in the mornings.

so i did the only sensible thing. i started a young and the restless blog. brian writes for it too sometimes (and it’s better when it’s brian). anyways, the link is restlessstyle.wordpress.com.

avenues street fair! September 11, 2010

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tomorrow (saturday 9/11) is the avenues street fair. it takes place from 9:00a to 6:00p on 7th avenue between i street and n street. what do i care? well, we have a booth between m and n street. we’ll be selling cassette tapes, collages, paper crafts, bookmarks, and more. we’ll also have a bean bag toss and bubbles as prizes. check out killerbuds .net for some samples.

new stuff on killerbuds.net April 28, 2010

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there are two new things that’ve been posted to killerbuds.net.

1. the pythons posted digital versions of their beach photo contest mixtape. you can download it for free if you want.

2. zap gun finished his first album called “philip k. dick” and it’s now online for free download.

new webpage April 7, 2010

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i made a webpage to post my mixtapes. if you want to see it, go to puppystreet.us/dw. hopefully pretty soon i’ll get the puppystreet.us page up and running. if you want to e-live on puppy street, let me know.

abcc February 26, 2010

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abcc is a new project that i’m involved with along with the pythons.  if you haven’t heard the pythons, you should listen to them.  they’re really cool.  and i mean really *really* cool.  you can listen to their album over on killerbuds.net or you can just download it if you want.

anyways, let me tell you about abcc’s album called “3 steps to quitting”.  actually instead, i’ll just post the album art.

listen to it here

or just download it

look out for snakes! January 19, 2009

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i finished the first part of my music project.  it’s called partly cloudy and you can download it if you want to.  it’s only 14 minutes long.

download it!

two more mixtapes December 24, 2008

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i’ve made two mixtapes recently.  left-click them to listen, or right-click them to download.

mixtape #3: side A

  1. jonathan richman – nineteen in naples
  2. talking heads – the good thing
  3. sonic youth – french tickler
  4. wire – marooned
  5. brian eno – golden hours
  6. unicorns – child star
  7. danielson – did i step on your trumpet
  8. dr. dog – oh no
  9. deerhoof – milk man
  10. of montreal – jennifer louise
  11. pavement – at and t
  12. syd barrett – octopus
  13. animal collective – did you see the words
  14. os mutantes – panis et circenses
  15. olivia tremor control – mystery
  16. t-rex – cosmic dancer
  17. neil young – vampire blues

mixtape #3: side B

  1. velvet underground – sunday morning
  2. beatles – happiness
  3. david bowie – always crashing
  4. demon attack – sunsets
  5. big star – daisy glaze
  6. quasi – ghost dreaming
  7. imperial teen – birthday girl
  8. beat happening – hangman
  9. battles – race in
  10. the field – a paw in my face
  11. caribou – yeti
  12. kinks – people take pictures of each other
  13. electric light orchestra – confusion
  14. beach boys – surf’s up
  15. sparklehorse – saturday
  16. blonde redhead – hated because of great qualities
  17. circulatory system – days to come
  18. destroyer – smith
  19. daniel johnston – nothing left

mixtape #4: side A

  1. jorge ben – o filosofo
  2. brian eno – backwater
  3. david bowie – heroes
  4. wire – used to
  5. sonic youth – winner’s blues
  6. big star – you get what you deserve
  7. make-up – the choice
  8. gza – liquid swords *23:17—26:22*
  9. dr. octagon – aliens *26:22—29:14*
  10. aesop rock – none shall pass *29:14—32:49*
  11. battles – tij
  12. animal collective – peacebone
  13. deerhoof – spiral golden town
  14. kraftwerk – europe endless
  15. demon attack – steve keyboard
  16. gui boratto – scene 1

mixtape #4: side B

  1. panda bear – bros
  2. olivia tremor control – california demise, pt. 3
  3. talking heads – heaven
  4. neil young – walk on
  5. djengo reinhardt – dream of you
  6. duke ellington – big nick
  7. electric light orchestra – livin’ thing
  8. beach boys – don’t worry baby
  9. leonard cohen – a bunch of lonesome heroes
  10. rolling stones – no expectations
  11. velvet underground – sweet jane
  12. modern lovers – new england
  13. danielson – cast it at the setting sail
  14. kinks – david watts
  15. beachwood sparks – this is what it feels like
  16. caribou – sandy
  17. love – she comes in colors

i made a new friend August 31, 2008

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i was riding my bike home.  i had a fruit something at the roasting company.  and i thought X was 100.  but it’s only 10.  this kid was riding a little faster than me on 8th east in between 2nd and 3rd south.  he must’ve sensed that i was having a terrible time with roman numerals.  so he said, “hey brother, what’s going on?”  and i said, “just riding my bike.”  and he said, “cruising around town.  that’s what i’m doing.  actually i don’t know what i’m doing.”  and then he started riding a little faster.  but we both stopped at the stop sign.  and he said, “is that light up there 100 south?”  and i said, “yep, where you headed?”  and he said, “100 south and 700 east.”  and i said, “just take a left at the light.”  and he said, “i live 2 blocks away but get really confused.”  and i said, “yeah, it can get pretty confusing.”  and he said, “where are you going?”  and i said, “right here.”  and he said, “take it easy.”  and i said, “keep it real.”

then i tried to tell natali that i didn’t believe in free will.  but she was more interested in showing me a picture of a sculpture of jesus that makes her cry.  i was probably meaner than i should’ve been.  like usual.  but i had just lost my new best friend.  we had formed such a close relationship in riding those 1 1/4 blocks.  and now he’s gone.  we probably wouldn’t have been friends in real life.  mostly because i’m mean to all the people that are nice to me.  like stefano.  and brian.  and everyone else.  i pretend like i don’t get moody.  but sometimes i get really irritable and then i use a rude tone when brian is trying to tell me something that’s way more interesting than anything i read or thought all day.  and then i don’t even apologize.

i watched the rafael nadal tennis match.  he’s cool.  he makes me want to wear sleeveless shirts all the time.  actually, gavin does.  gavin’s the one who made me start thinking it’s a great idea.  so thanks gavin.  i cut the sleeves off of like 6 shirts.  but it probably doesn’t even matter.  because summer is over.  if it snows on monday, i’m liable to be very upset with the weather patterns.  i’m liable to blame it on the jet stream.

also, thursday night soccer is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

it’s a matter of life and death August 29, 2008

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typer shark.  it’s a typing game, but way more exciting than most typing games.  so you’re a deep-sea diver.  and you’re searching for treasure.  and you have an old-fashioned diving suit.  with an oxygen tube that extends up to your boat.  and you’re sinking to the bottom of the ocean to search wreckage for gems.  but there are sharks that are trying to eat you.  and piranhas.  the sharks have words (and sometimes non-words) on them.  the piranhas have single letters (and sometimes non-letters) on them.  you can electrocute sharks by typing the words or murder the piranhas by typing the letters.  it’s tough, because i don’t advocate killing either sharks or piranhas.  but when you’re in a situation where they’re going to devour you, you’re forced to do some things that you’d rather not do.  like murder sea creatures.  anyways, if you can survive and get to the bottom, sometimes you find great gems.  like the mount etna emerald.

so i started on 50 wpm.  and here are my stats:
score: 5093450
level: 20
time: 53:03
wpm: 75
accuracy: 97%
rank: master of typer shark

i’m not usually that good of a typer.  but when i a shark is coming right at you, your adrenaline does things for your typing that you can’t really imagine.